Low-cost Profitable Business Ideas

If you are thinking of undertaking a project to obtain extra income and have little budget, here are some profitable business ideas. An explanation over at

When we think about how to manage my money, we know that part of the strategy is also to make it grow and have a business can be one of the most viable alternatives to have an independent income and start planning today what you want for tomorrow.

Low-cost profitable business ideas

Low-cost profitable business ideas

1. Ironing and laundry

1. Ironing and laundry

There are fewer and fewer people who have time to wash and iron their clothes and yet it is one of the essential things in our daily lives.

So, why not think about putting a laundry, an iron or two things in one? You will need an investment amount that requires at least 3 washing machines, 3 ironing donkeys and 3 irons. The size of the premises will be depending on the capital you have to invest, as well as the area in which you decide to put the business.

Take into account that if it is a question of renting an establishment, you must have the deposit, the rent and at least 2 monthly payments of the lease as long as the business begins to pull on its own.

Define the cost of the dozen according to your fixed costs. For this, take into account the cost of electricity, the use of appliances, stationery, if you have a couple of people who will help you in the work of the business and of course, the rent of the premises.

2. Canine aesthetics

2. Canine aesthetics

Currently a bath and haircut for your pet can be more expensive than that of a person. The interesting thing is that there are people willing to bear that cost to ensure the care of their pets. If you are also a fan of animals and particularly dogs, this can be a business for you.

There are mobile aesthetic options where you only have to invest in adapting a “combi” type vehicle to give the bathroom to pets, which in addition to reducing costs because you will not have to pay a room, it will help you to provide a personalized service to the pick up and deliver the pet at the owner’s door.

You will need to partner with someone who has experience in handling dogs in stressful situations, such as bathing and haircuts, but if you manage to do it and focus on advertising it, in a short time you will have recovered the amount of the investment.

3. Car wash

3. Car wash

One of the most profitable businesses is car wash. What do you need? A land that facilitates the use of treated water. You will have to consider the personnel who will be responsible for the cleaning of the vehicles, as well as the purchase of detergents, jargon, wax, polishes. However, as you will notice, the cost of these supplies is very low and you can reduce it even more if you buy in bulk with brands specifically dedicated to cleaning. From there on, you just have to focus on the cars being well washed and ready to receive many cars, especially after a rainy day.

4. Take away food

If what you like is cooking, take advantage of your talent and cook from home. You could promote your food for special events or day to day and deliver it yourself at home. You can prepare a daily “run” meal and become a customer base that you take every day to the door of your home or office what you prepare. Get your best dishes and delight the palate of your customers, who can help you grow your customers more and more.

5. Sale by catalog

In the market there are several product options that you can sell among your friends and family, until after your impact is greater and customers reach further. Jewelry, lingerie, cosmetics, fragrances, kitchen utensils, shoes, clothes. If your entrepreneurial spirit allows it, develop at the same time a web page where you can promote the products and facilitate the payment via internet.

It is likely that the rebound of this type of business is not so immediate, but once you do it, take off the income from this activity can remain constant.

Do not forget that whatever business you want to start, you would not like to have an amount to start with. In this case, a loan may be the option, especially if you have a fixed income and are thinking about the business with a long-term vision.

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